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 Bringing stability and reliability to the hemp industry with the new gold standard of seed verification.

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Take the guesswork out of buying seeds with independently verified seeds that meet the ultra-high Rhizo Verified standards and farmer-first mission.

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Sell Seeds with Authority

Set your products apart from the competition with undeniable credibility and gain access to a network of qualified seed buyers.

Rhizo Verified tool: hemp pre-purchase evaluation worksheet

Protect your hemp seed investment today

This free Hemp Pre-Purchase Evaluation reveals the 14 points every hemp farmer should evaluate before purchasing seeds.

The hemp industry is still the Wild West in many aspects. Conflicting regulations, ever-changing legalities, and the risk of counterfeit products have made it incredibly challenging to know who you can trust. That’s why Rhizo Verified vowed to eliminate the risk of the seed buying process by creating a new gold standard for the hemp industry.

The Rhizo Verified Process

Trust to Hemp

Our process creates a reliable relationship between seed breeders and farmers by simplifying the buying process.

True Third-Party Verification

With on-site visits and ultra-high qualification standards, we help breeders showcase the quality of their premium products and ensure reliable results for farmers.

Seamless and Secure Transactions

With safe-guarded finances, sophisticated tracking, and tamper-proof packaging, we ensure the best quality and safety in selling seeds for both farmers and breeders alike.

Connection to Trusted Partners

With a network of vetted farmers and breeders, we help form better working relationships through access to a community of fellow members on a mission to bring stability and standards to the industry.

Join Our Community on a Mission to Elevate the Hemp Industry’s Standards

Hemp tamper evident security label

Authenticity Guaranteed with the Rhizo Verified Secure Label

Our team ensures that your entire lot is sealed in tamper-proof packaging and labeled with a unique, traceable code to eliminate the risk of counterfeit – giving you complete certainty over the quality of your seeds. 

  1. Unique Lot Number: Each verified lot is assigned a unique identification number to ensure the delivery of tested seeds. 
  2. Scannable QR Codes:  Getting transparent and traceable results is as easy as giving your code a quick scan for details.
  3. Tamper-Proof Packaging: Eliminates the risk of counterfeit products by preventing supplier from removing or tampering with label. 
checklist for hemp seed buyers with high-CBD seeds and leaves on cover

Want a Free Copy of Our Hemp Seed Buyer’s Checklist?

With this grower's guide, you'll finally be able to mitigate your risk knowing the standards to look for when purchasing hemp seeds for your farm.