Eliminate the risk of purchasing
inferior hemp seeds and biomass

Rhizo Verified brings hemp suppliers and buyers around the globe into a trusted and secure relationship. We test and verify each product and safeguard the money, protecting both parties until the transaction is complete.

SEEDS inage

Our INTERNATIONAL Full Circle Verification™ means fast,
reliable & safe hemp transactions

Superior Product

We use a rigorous verification protocols to test all lots to superior quality standards. If products pass, they are quarantined and tagged, preserving its verified status

Safeguarded Funds

We manage funds between buyer and seller. Money is kept secured, assuring that the buyer gets what they were promised and the supplier gets paid for their product

Secure Transactions

As an independent 3rd party verifier, we make sure buyer and seller fulfill their obligations. This creates fast, secure hemp transactions and trust between all parties

Program Selection

We accommodate a
range of buyer/seller

Buyer knows the supplier and wants to verify and purchase a specific lot of seeds or biomass – In the US or internationally 

Buyer wants to purchase Rhizo Verified product but doesn’t know where to find it
Supplier has pre-verified their product and is looking for a buyer to purchase it

Our international verified seed program
is unmatched

We test hemp seeds to rigid standards for germination, feminization and purity, then package verified seeds in tamper-proof bags and quarantine them.

This gives buyers full traceability, backed by accurate record keeping for every seed purchased.

Top quality biomass verification

We verify biomass for labs and processors. Tested to a gold standard of quality and purity, buyers get high grade product and suppliers are protected by strict transaction rules.

Why use Rhizo Verified

We provide safe & secure
seed procurement for the
buyer and the seller.

Whether international or domestic, you’ll never have to worry about the purity, feminization or germination of your seeds again.

You’ll stop facing risk
& frustration with your
hemp purchases.

From rigid product testing to a tightly managed sales process, Rhizo Verified is your unbiased auditor, providing buyer and seller with fast, reliable and safe transactions.

All of your hemp transactions are safe

No more inconsistent sampling procedures, product substitutions or worries about getting paid. With Rhizo Verified, buyers and sellers are fully protected

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