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Purchase identity-preserved, quality-tested
hemp with comprehensive farm data
through Rhizo Verified

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Contract with Rhizo to deliver crops with
specific quality, characteristics, and/or
farm management practices

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Once we’re setup as your
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Provide your hemp specs:
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We’ll match your specific requirements to the appropriate lot and farmer



Rhizo will coordinate
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hemp to your facility

Frequently Asked Question

To start, you’ll click here and follow the instructions. You’ll tell us what you want, when you want it and how much. After we’ve proven your funds, through our escrow or a deposit, we’ll connect you with the biomass that’s right for you. 

Absolutely. We’ll require a hemp processing license and minimum purchase of 5 pounds at $50 per pound. We’ll ship it to you within 48 hours.

Yes, we encourage our buyers to touch and feel the biomass they’re purchassing. Once we confirm your commitment to purchase, you can visit us Monday-Friday 9AM to 5PM local time. 

Our goal is to get you the hemp you need, when you need it. Plain and simple. We don’t charge broker fees or haggle over purchase price. You even get to meet the farm(s) directly. Go figure. No more broken promises and lost deals.

Comprehensive farm and biomass data. 

We have a flat rate fulfillment fee of $2 per pound. This fee includes shipping to you, 

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We thought you’d never ask. We are a storage and fulfillment company at heart. Hemp is stored, homogenized, tested by our proprietary standards before being delivered to you.