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Connect with farmers worldwide and enhance your credibility by getting Rhizo Verified – the new gold standard for hemp seed third-party verification.  

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As a Rhizo Verified Breeder, rise above the competition with the industry’s gold standard for hemp seed verification

Enhance Your Credibility

Prove the undeniable quality of your brand with full transparency from an unbiased auditor

Protect Your Products

Defend your seeds against counterfeits & remove uncertainty with full traceability throughout the process

Improve Your

Document your quality and become an authority in your network with uniquely superior products.

The New Gold Standard

Rhizo's Verification Process​

We offer a systematic approach to selling quality hemp seeds by helping you highlight the quality of your seeds and connecting you established farmers

Step 1: Apply to Become A Breeder

Join our network of vetted breeders who are on a mission to bring superior products to the industry with greater transparency and security than ever before.

Step 2: Get an Onsite Verification

Sign-up for a Rhizo Agent to visit your breeder facility and conduct a true third-party verification test where we will help you showcase the quality of your products with the utmost traceability.

Step 3: Sell Verified Seeds

Get your premium products added to our seamless e-commerce platform and promoted to our networks of hemp seed buyers.

Join Our Community on a Mission to Elevate the Hemp Industry’s Standards

About Rhizo Verified

Are you proud of your product? Do you wish you could access a larger market? That’s why we’re here. The Rhizo Verified Certificate of Authenticity will expand your reach through our international platform.

Our verification process makes available a wide variety of qualified buyers as well as protecting your product from counterfeit through our authentication measures. 

At Rhizo Verified, we are committed to bridging the gap between buyers and suppliers with trust and security so that you can grow hemp with confidence.

Verified Feminized Hemp Seeds in Indoor Greenhouse

Partnering with the Hemp Industry’s Best

We’ve carefully chosen strong partners who share our mission to continue the growth of the hemp industry.

Hemp Industries Association Member
Oregon State Seed Lab
National Hemp Association Member
USHGA US Hemp Growers Association

Start Selling Seeds and Stop Worrying About the Uncertainties

In the ever-changing landscape of the hemp world, find stability and credibility with Rhizo.

Non-Rhizo Verified Seed

Changing Regulations

Confusion with constantly changing legislation around buying, selling, and growing hemp.

Heavy Competition

Difficulty with differentiating your products as new breeders enter the market and drive down hemp prices

Limited Customers

Challenge of getting your products in front of the qualified buyers you can partner with

Rhizo Verified Partners


Up-to-Date Guides

Unmatched services with access to the latest rules and regulations so you can breed and sell with peace of mind.

Competitive Advantage

Authority over the competition with true third-party verification and complete traceability of products

Well-Connected Network

Expanded customer base with access to a pool of farmers and hemp seed buyers

Hemp tamper evident security label

Authenticity Guaranteed with the Rhizo Verified Secure Label.

Our team ensures that your entire lot is sealed in tamper-proof packaging and labeled with a unique, traceable code to eliminate the risk of counterfeit – giving you complete certainty over the quality of your seeds. 

  1. Rhizo Verified NumberEach verified lot is assigned a unique identification number to ensure the delivery of tested seeds. 
  2. Scannable QR Codes:  Getting transparent and traceable results is as easy as giving your code a quick scan for details.
  3. Tamper-Proof Packaging: Eliminates the risk of counterfeit products by preventing supplier from removing or tampering with label. 

Features of a Verification

To help you prove the quality of your premium products, we offer third party verification testing the following factors.

High Standards

Seeds with > 90% germination, >99% purity, > 97% feminization and <1% weed or “other” seed.

Lot Verification

A Rhizo Verified representative, conducts in-person lot verification and sampling.


Tests crop in accordance with the latest state, federal, and international guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

250,000 seeds per variety and up to 1M seeds per sublot. If a lot is greater than 1M then the lot is divided into equal  sublots.

To help insure that breeders are only selling verified seeds, we require that the entire lot be verified before we add the seeds to our online marketplace.

No. Rhizo Verified’s core service includes Verification, Authentication, and Traceability. RV does list the Verified seeds on our online platform, but is only responsible for marketing, and advertising the seeds.

Great question. Your buyers deserve to know that the test results you supply are representative of the lot they are buying. The best way is to work with a 3rd party verification company like us to verify the lot in person, pull the representative sample, and send it in to the lab for testing.

The entire process takes 1-2 days at your location and approximately 21 days for test results from the testing lab. It also depends on how long it takes the breeder the supply us with all the requested business document and variety documents.

Currently, in our Seed Charter Program, RV is covering the cost for testing of up to 1M seeds per variety lot. This includes us sending a Rhizo Agent to your facility, pulling a representative sample, bag and tag the remaining seeds, the testing fees at Oregon State University for germination, feminization, and purity. The total cost for us is $2,500 per variety. Our verification fee is 10% of the sales transaction which is collected at the time of purchase. Breeders/suppliers are responsible for tracking the sale from our platform

If you choose your own breeder, you’ll negotiate the price for each variety that you want to purchase. Prices in our platform vary and are set by the breeder. Our responsibility in the seed transaction is to safeguard the funds that are changing hands, not to set seed prices.

No, Verified products are listed in our shop as a courtesy

checklist for hemp seed buyers with high-CBD seeds and leaves on cover

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