No Risks. No Hassle. No Doubt.

Take the guesswork out of the seed buying process with True Lot Verification™ by Rhizo Verified, so you can grow hemp confidence and increase your profits

Ultra-High Standards with a Farmer-First Mission

Protect your investment with the industry’s first & only gold standard for hemp seed verification

True Third-Party Verification

With on-site visits and ultra-high qualification standards, we showcase the quality of their premium products and ensure reliable results for farmers.

Seamless and Secure Transactions

With safe-guarded finances, sophisticated tracking, and tamper-proof packaging, we create a stress-free, safe buying process.

Connection to Trusted Partners

With a network of vetted breeder, we help form better working relationships and bring stability to the industry with access to a like-minded community.

Grow Seeds With Confidence. Demand True Lot Verification™

We have developed a rigorous True Lot Verification™ and Authentication process to ensure all hemp seeds we verify meet rigid standards for quality, and arrive to their purchasers in the desired and expected state.

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Setting Standards for Security

We strive to help farmers navigate the hemp industry by demanding superior products that
meet our ultra-high standard recommendations.

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Seed Buying Made Easy

Our process puts farmers first by removing uncertainty and taking the hassle out of the seed buying process.

Pick Your Variety

Choose from our inventory of high-quality hemp seeds that are verified through our science-backed process for purity, germination, and feminization to ensure a superior product every time.

Select The Quantity​

Whether you’re looking for a sample pack or buying in bulk, specify exactly how much you need for your farm and place your order easily and securely with our seamless online storefront.

Discover The Difference​

Get your verified seeds shipped directly to you with a sophisticated tracking program to showcase proof of origin and create visibility throughout the entire journey.

buy hemp seeds from verified breeder to grow healthy cbd plants

Already have a breeder?

Simply tell us how much you would like to buy, and we’ll work with your supplier to test the exact lot you intend to purchase with no additional cost to you. 

Once we’ve confirmed that your breeder’s seeds have passed our rigid testing, we’ll finalize your purchase by shipping your seeds safely and securely to you directly.

Purchases must be a minimum of 100,000 seeds to qualify.

Join Our Community on a Mission to Elevate the Hemp Industry’s Standards

Our Promise to Farmers

verified feminized hemp seeds in hands for wholesale purchases

When it comes to the state of the hemp industry right now, it’s the Wild West out there. Confusing regulations, ever-changing legalities, and a lack of legitimate resources have made it incredibly challenging to navigate the industry and know who to trust

As former hemp and marijuana farmers, we were frustrated with the constant uncertainty we faced when buying seeds.

That’s why we vowed to eliminate the risk of seed buying by creating a new gold standard for the hemp industry.

Through our hemp seed verification process, we offer unmatched confidence in the areas of verification, traceability, and purity – giving you complete transparency into the quality of your seeds.

Whether you select seeds from our community of trusted breeders or choose to test seeds from an existing partnership, you can easily ensure you receive high-quality seeds that will provide you not only consistent yields but also increase your profits

At Rhizo Verified, we are committed to bridging the gap between buyers and suppliers with trust and security so that you can grow hemp with confidence.

hemp seed breeders hand pours cbd into other hand

Eliminate Risk

Quickly find seeds from trusted breeders and remove uncertainty with full traceability throughout the process

Gain Confidence

Discover a variety of high-quality, verified seeds with full transparency from an unbiased auditor

Improve ROI

Produce consistently high yields and become an authority in your network with uniquely superior products

End the Frustration and Risk of Purchasing Bad Seeds

Save yourself time, money, and hassle by partnering with a supplier you can trust

Non-Verified Seed


Non-standardized products can contain too many male plants, low purity standards, and disappointing germination rates.

High-Risk Investment

Blind trust in non-certified breeders with little protection for your investment and risk of “bait-and-switch” for inferior products.

Uncertain Performance

Limited visibility during the buying process and potential for poor seed performance costing you time, money, and frustration.

Rhizo Verified Seeds



Guaranteed high-quality seeds that meet unprecedented standards to make you more money and ensure reliable results.

Safe and Secure

Safeguarded finances and traceable shipments ensure the test sample is from the exact lot that is delivered.


Science-backed rigorous testing from independent third-party auditors to give you unbiased and honest results.

Hemp tamper evident security label

Authenticity Guaranteed with the Rhizo Verified Secure Label

Our team ensures that your entire lot is sealed in tamper-proof packaging and labeled with a unique, traceable code to eliminate the risk of counterfeit – giving you complete certainty over the quality of your seeds. 

  1. Rhizo Verified NumberEach verified lot is assigned a unique identification number to ensure the delivery of tested seeds. 
  2. Scannable QR Codes:  Getting transparent and traceable results is as easy as giving your code a quick scan for details.
  3. Tamper-Proof Packaging: Eliminates the risk of counterfeit products by preventing supplier from removing or tampering with label. 

Our Collection of Premium Seeds

Select from a variety of Rhizo Verified hemp seeds provided by trusted breeders

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll need a Department of Agriculture license, funds to cover the cost of your seed purchase, a signed material transfer agreement and a signed copy of our agreement.

Yes. it will be your responsibility to obtain the proper documentation (for example, an importer license).

If we’re verifying a specific lot that you want to purchase from a breeder, we’ll have test results within 17-21 days. If you’re purchasing from our marketplace, we can get seeds to you overnight to 7 days, depending on your freight choice.

We are the only company with a secure Full Service Verification™️ offering. We can verify a specific lot of seeds that you wish to purchase, we maintain an inventory of verified seeds available for farmers and we safeguard the money so the farmer and the seed vendor are fully protected.

If we’re verifying a specific lot that you want to purchase from a breeder, the minimum lot size is 25,000 seeds. If you’re purchasing from our marketplace, the minimum order is 10,000 seeds.

Yes. To qualify as hemp, THC levels must be below the 0.3% limit. Testing for this is part of our verification service.

If you choose your own breeder, you’ll negotiate the price for each variety that you want to purchase. Prices in our marketplace vary and are set by the breeder. Our responsibility in the seed transaction is to safeguard the funds that are changing hands, not to set seed prices.

Nothing. We do not charge farmers for our verification services.

checklist for hemp seed buyers with high-CBD seeds and leaves on cover

Want a Free Copy of Our Hemp Seed Buyer’s Checklist?

With this grower's guide, you'll finally be able to mitigate your risk knowing the standards to look for when purchasing hemp seeds for your farm.