It’s officially springtime, which means no shortage of ads and articles about buying hemp seeds for the 2021 growing season. 

But farmers beware! Not all seeds are equal. 

Due to competition amongst seed breeders, a lack of regulation in the industry, and some shaddy seed sellers, many farmers are finding that the seeds they purchase do not perform as expected or promised. Not by a long shot.

The bottom line is that the current seed buying process is deeply flawed.

That’s why,  farmers should seriously consider purchasing verified seeds for their upcoming planting

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The Problems with Buying Hemp Seeds in 2021

Whether you’re a breeder, farmer, or supplier, anyone in the hemp business knows that the industry is plagued by a number of issues that add to a lack of trust, sense of frustration, and loss of revenue. 

Let’s look at a few of the main issues impacting the industry this buying season.

Innovation at the Expense of Progress 

Hemp seed breeders are creating new hybrids all the time. They expect that these new varieties will give their company a market edge. 

While innovation is generally good, constantly changing the genotype is keeping many large-scale farmers from jumping into the space. 

Farmers expect the seeds they purchase to perform consistently every time, but the reality is that results are often an unpredictable, mixed bag. 

Lacking  of Regulation and Standard

From germination, growth, and flowering to maturity and harvest, there are typical standards for every other crop. 

Meanwhile, the hemp industry currently lacks uniform regulationand is in desperate need of a gold-standard to measure the quality provided by breeders to ensure results for farmers.  

Inconsistent Results from Non-Verified Breeder

Formulators, manufacturers and downstream buyers of bulk industrial hemp products require consistent inputs in the manufacturing of retail products across many industries including health, food/beverage and cosmetics. When seeds produce variable plants at harvest time, that inevitably leads to unacceptable variations in the oils extracted from those plants.

Unreliable Testing Processes

It is not uncommon for seed breeders to submit several samples to different labs and cherry-pick the results which they provide to unsuspecting potential buyers. It’s a sad, but unfortunate truth within the industry – hemp testing is still not a bullet-proof science. 

So what can be done?

The way most farmers purchase their planting seed, is to find a seed seller and hope that what they hear and see is true. There hasn’t been a way to avoid this problem … until now.

The Rhizo Verified gold standard verification process eliminates virtually all of these variables. First off, we go directly onsite to the farm to oversee where the hemp is stored. Our trained agent will isolate each variety of hemp to be verified. 

Using AOSCA sampling standards, we collect a representative sample of the seed and then send it off to an AOSA accredited lab where they test for purity, germination, and feminization. The results of those tests are then attached to that specific lot of hemp.

While at the farm our Rhizo Agent “bags and tags” the rest of that lot into various package sizes in collaboration with the Breeder. After bagging we attach our tamper-proof label to each container and leave the product with the farmer to oversee the fulfillment process. The hemp never leaves the farmer’s control and we can be confident that the bags are never tampered with prior to arriving in the buyer’s control.

The bottom line is by purchasing Rhizo Verified seeds, buyers can be confident that what they see online and what they purchase will arrive in a timely manner and perform as expected. Learn more about how we put farmers first on our grower’s page.

Want a Free Copy of Our Hemp Pre-Purchase Evaluation Checklist?

Reduce your risk knowing the 14 points to look for when purchasing hemp seeds for your farm.

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