When heading into the spring planting season, there are several critical questions hemp farmers should ask their seed supplier before making a purchase. 

Lack of regulation, some unethical seed sellers, and the need for breeders to stay ahead of competition has resulted in far too many farmers purchasing seeds that do not perform as expected or promised. 

Below are the top five questions you MUST ask your seed supplier so that you can make a more informed decision as you buy hemp seeds.

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Question 1: How long has the seed breeder been growing that specific variety?

To ensure your supplier is offering a stable cultivar, it is important to understand how many generations this specific variety has been grown by the breeder. 

We suggest that any seeds you purchase have a minimum of three years of successful propagation.

Question 2: Does the seed breeder have recent test results for germination, feminization and purity from a certified AOSA testing lab?

The number of seed labs across the country has been steadily growing, but only a handful are ASOCA certified (Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies) and can offer the approved testing methodology and high level of rigor and quality assurance needed.

If their test results are not from an AOSCA certified lab, ask them if they have any tests which are.

Question 3: Have the seeds been verified by an independent third party?

Without an independent verification it is impossible to determine if the seed sample provided to the lab is truly representative of the entire lot, and that the results you receive are not “cherry-picked” to show the best test result available.

By trusting a third-party hemp seed verification partner, you can take the guesswork out of the seed buying process with complete transparency on the quality of the seeds.   

Question 4: Are the seeds that you’ll receive the same seeds the seller listed in the test results? 

Without quarantining and the use of a tamper-proof security system, you can’t know if the seeds you receive are from the same lot shown in the test results.

To avoid any kind of bait-and-switch, make sure your supplier takes these extra steps to keep your purchase secure.  

Question 5: Can the seed breeder provide at least three references from satisfied buyers of that seed variety successfully grown in YOUR location?

Few things are better than references from satisfied growers who have purchased and grown this seed variety in a location similar to your farm. 

Hemp is an extremely adaptable plant and the results can differ substantially from one location to another.

Breeders that are able to provide testimonials or case studies on past success stories are among the best to partner with. 


If you can’t get a YES to all of these questions you are taking an unnecessary risk when making a substantial financial investment on hemp seeds for your crop and planting season.   

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Want a Free Copy of Our Hemp Pre-Purchase Evaluation Checklist?

Reduce your risk knowing the 14 points to look for when purchasing hemp seeds for your farm.

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