Over 30 industrialized countries currently grow industrial hemp. However, the process of shipping hemp seeds internationally can be extremely challenging if you do not understand the requirements for each country.

If you are interested in importing seed into your country, it is extremely important that you contact your appropriate government agency to understand all the necessary requirements. The primary agency is often the Department of Agriculture or other similar agency in the receiving Country.

It is important to confirm the import and export regulations prior to purchasing the desired seeds.

Please look over the list of documents below to see what is required in order to import seeds to your country. The corresponding seller will work with you to provide these requirements.

Required Documents

• Import permit from buyer (a translated version in English is required)

• Original invoice with the names of all varieties and quantities to be imported

• Phytosanitary Certificate from seed seller

• Seed seller documentation includes a certificate of analysis and current hemp license

Additional Document Requirements Depending on Country

– Certificate of Compliance ensuring under 0.3% combined THC

– ISTA purity treatments

– PCR test for Non-GMO declaration

– Botrytis & Fusarium testing for non-contamination or presence of weed seeds, (Hieracium Pilosella, Euphorbia Esula, Orobanche spp., Cirsium Arvense, Ambrosia Trifida)

– Please note that all Phytosanitary Certificates are only validated for 30 days

– Additional inspection fees may be added to the final total price amount.

 Shipping Internationally

Most major shipping carriers are experienced in shipping internationally, but the responsibility is on the buyer and seller to make sure that all paperwork is accurate and included often both inside and outside the package

• International packages typically ship via USPS, Fedex or DHL

• International shipping times vary depending on country, package weight, customs procedures. Expect 1-2 weeks for document processing plus 14-21 business days for shipping to the receiving country

International FAQ:

1. Is there a minimum seed order quantity?

– Yes. Because of the added documentation and processing, international orders, require a minimum order quantity of 1,000 seeds.

2. What documents are required to ship internationally?

At a minimum, every country requires an Import/Export Permit and a Hemp License in order to grow and receive seeds from the US.

3. Where do I go or who do I contact in my country?

Please confirm with your local Department of Agriculture for all required documents and treatments.

4. How long does the process take?

It depends on the country, but usually 1-2 weeks after payment is received.

5. Which shipping company do you use?

Fedex, USPS, and DHL

6. Do you ever have issues with customs?

Sometimes the packages will be held for a few days depending on the country.  We always make sure to place all compliant paperwork including the import permit, phyto certificate, seed license, & COA’s both outside and inside the package as this is required for customs.

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