Any successful harvest begins with successful seed germination.

According to our friends at Oregon CBD you will want to plant your hemp seeds 1/4” deep in fertile, well-draining potting soil and cover lightly. If starting in a greenhouse water trays in gently, soil should be moist but not wet. Over watering can cause seeds to rot, while under watering will prevent the seeds from sprouting. Remain vigilant in maintaining proper moisture until seeds germinate, as this is the most critical period of the entire season. Extreme variances will cause germination rates to plummet. Maintain a consistently moist environment.

Seeds should sprout in 5-10 days, under ideal environmental conditions, with a 90-95% germina- tion rate. If conditions are less than ideal it can take longer. We suggest waiting 14-20 days after soil temps have warmed before disposing of any ungerminated seed.

Water plants as necessary and be gentle on fresh seedlings as stalks are developing. Misting the soil is the safest means of watering. Once seedlings have emerged, temperatures can be lowered to 60-80°F. For fastest vegetative growth maintain around 60-70% relative humidity.

Rhizo Verified dramatically reduces the risk farmers take by making sure that the seeds farers are purchasing are the same seeds shown in our catalogue and that the test results are from the exact lot of seeds you are purchasing.

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