Part of the way to maintain the gold standard for verification is to work with global leaders in the industry.

In March 2020, Rhizo Verified selected the SICPATRACE™ product verification technology to create the first professional platform for the sale of hemp products.

SICPA, a global leader in product security, revenue realization, and track and trace solutions, announced a three-year partnership with Rhizo Verified, who will use their technology to help assure that all hemp products verified by Rhizo Verified are secured by their tracking technology.

Product Security

The hemp industry is still in its infantcy resulting in many players who offer questionalble products or inadequate systems to insure buyer receive what they are buying.

Rhizo Verified reduces this risk by using the SICPATRACE technology with SICPA’s proven Quazar® tamper-evident security labels on hemp seed packages to maintain chain of custody and product integrity.

Product Traceability

Each unique label provides is printed with a unique QR code which supplies specific information for that product. This includes the Breeder name, specific lot number, item description, website link and an image of the mature product.

The SICPA Press Release can be read in full at this link.

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