We serve as an unbiased 3rd party verification company for your bulk hemp needs

We serve as an unbiased 3rd party verification company for your bulk hemp needs


Our Story

We’ve farmed marijuana and hemp. We’ve bought seeds and we’ve learned some pretty tough lessons along the way.

So we decided to take our experience and change directions–to find a way to bring hemp suppliers and buyers into a trusted and secure transactional environment. We did that by providing a safety net for all aspects of a hemp deal. 

Whether it’s seeds or biomass, we’ve developed a Full-Circle Verification process to ensure that product quality, availability and the exchange of funds meet rigid standards.

Filling the gap between
buyers and suppliers
with trust and security

Our verification processes are tested and proven. We’ve brokered millions of seeds and are the recognized gold standard in hemp seed verification.

Best of all, we’ve been in the industry for many years. We understand how to build trust and make transactions safe, fast and secure.

Never take a risk buying hemp seeds or biomass again. Insist on Rhizo Verified products and get the complete protection you deserve.

The Benefits of Using the Rhizo Verified Network Are Clear

We know the hemp industry can be unsteady, uncertain and compolicated. That leads to risk with hemp transactions. We are committed to eliminating that risk. Here are the words that are helping us do that for you. 


By verifying product and safeguarding the finances, we create a foundation of trust between buyer and seller.


Everything we do is a fully transparent process. The entire hemp transaction cycle is documented, leaving nothing to chance.


We know this industry because we've been a part of it for more than a decade. That experience shows up in every test and every process that we've created.


We vett buyers and sellers to a high standard of reliability, stability and willingness to buy or sell. This eliminates wasted time and resources and builds solid business relationships.


We have a full lineup of buyers and suppliers in our network, which means transactions are ready for execution.


We have a proven track record of securing large volumes of hemp seed and biomass quickly and getting it from farmer to buyer quickly and efficiently.

Overall, Rhizo Verified is a stable and trustworthy supply chain where buyers and sellers come together to achieve their own goals in a safe, managed way.