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Rhizo Verified grew out of the personal experience of its founders that confidence, security and certainty are sorely lacking in the hemp industry.

Filling the gap between breeder and farmers with trust and security

Founded by experienced hemp leaders, Rhizo Verified was developed with the understanding that security and certainty are severely lacking in the hemp industry.

That’s why we’ve embarked on a mission to take what we have learned from our first-hand experience and create a trusted and secure partnership platform for both hemp suppliers and buyers. 

We aim to revolutionize the industry by providing safety and assurance in all aspects of the hemp growing process.

Through our hemp seed verification process, we offer unmatched confidence in the areas of verification, traceability, and purity – giving you complete transparency into the quality of your seeds.

Join us on our mission to set a new gold standard for the hemp industry – providing the security you deserve

The future of sustainability depends on improving the ease and assurance with which we can grow reliable hemp. We’re doing this for the good of the planet and future generations.

— Justin Khuu, CEO —

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